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This website is open-source and it is located at https://github.com/sonarplugins/sonarplugins.github.io

Feel free to change the info and create a pull request to update any plugin information or to add new plugins to the index.

The format is quite simple, just create a new file with a date in the _posts folder,
for instance "2023-04-21-mypluginkey.markdown" and fill it with the plugin information:

                    title: My Plugin
                    layout: plugin
                    homepage: https://mypluginhomepage
                    organization: my organization
                    organization_url: my organization url
                    download_url: https://myplugindownloadurl
                    download_version: X.Y.Z
                    download_description: release notes for the version
                    download_date: YYYY-MM-DD
                    license: GNU LGPL 3 ...
                    developers: list of developers that contribute to the plugin
                    sonarqube_version: 8.9-9.9-10.x
                    category: choose a category
                    description: plugin description
                    details: additional details
                      name: My Plugin
                      headline: My Plugin - SonarQube Plugin
                      type: ItemPage


Once the pull request is merged the data will be updated on the website.

Take a look at the samples here.

Plugins available at SonarSource update center are refreshed automatically.


sonarplugins.com is just a website where you can find SonarQube™ plugins to extend your SonarQube™ installation with awesome features.

We don't have any responsibility about the plugins listed here.

This is just a plugin compilation site.

This is not an Official Marketplace for SonarQube™.

If you have developed a SonarQube™ plugin (either free or commercial) and you want to make it public in this list, feel free to contribute!

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